Our Product

Post harvest ripening is a must to reach demand and avoid wastage, with safety being a priority. 

For too long, markets and consumers have suffered the ill effects of chemical compounds and pesticides being used for post harvest fruit ripening. Legal alternatives – ripening chambers, are too big an investment and a hassle to operate and maintain.

As consumers and market players, it is our duty to ensure that hard grown produce isn’t wasted and farmers be well compensated for their efforts. For this, an efficient supply chain and smooth flow of fruits to the consumer is necessary. The past few years has seen a decline in consumer confidence on the quality of produce, which has led to a decrease in this efficiency.

En-Ripe is a product that has been designed to aid this ripening process, in a sustainable manner. It eliminates the risk of harmful ripening practices and incentivizes mid – level players in the supply chain in every manner to use our safe product.

En-Ripe safeguards consumer health.

With years of agro & research experience, we are proud to say that En-Ripe has the potential to eradicate calcium carbide and ethephon use, and subsequently the health hazards endangering consumers.

En-Ripe is an ethylene encapsulated ripening powder that brings the artificial ripening process as close to being natural as possible. Ripened fruits have been tested for zero residues at reputed institutions such as the IICT and the IIHR. We take pride in empowering everyone from farmers to traders to even end consumers in self-ripening their fruit with ease. 


No Infrastructure Required

There do exist several safe and legal ways to ripen fruits today, such as – using ethylene gas chambers, ethylene  generators, ethrel tanks, etc. which require additional Infrastructure.

Reduced Costs and Time

No infrastructure required, low priced product, super convenient to use = the perfect recipe to reduce costs and working time.

Less Wastage and Greater Transportation Reach

Using other methods, fruits can only be transported after ripening, or the only alternative being that they be ripened near markets and other places of sale. En-Ripe eliminates this constraint, saving tons of fruit wastage and increasing transportation reach.

Eliminate Carbide Use

 It’s because of costs and infrastructure, traders and others involved in the fruit distribution chain have adopted a much cheaper, convenient and ILLEGAL option to ripen fruits post harvest– Calcium carbide, which is a major health hazard.

Purer Produce

Use of Chemical methods has made it easier to ripen fruits, especially since it can also be carried out during in trays during transit. While sellers and traders make a good living this way, a hefty price is being paid by the end consumer in the form of the disease, many a time non-curable. En-Ripe, having been certified by various institutions leaves no residues/contaminants.

Even Ripe Organic Produce!

Since En-Ripe is a mimic of the natural ripening process, it can also be used to ripen organic produce, while preserving it’s dignity and quality.