We at Heighten believe in improving quality of life through sustainable innovation.

Now effortlessly ripen your fruit with En-Ripe, the ripening powder that mimics the natural ripening process.

With more than 80% of consumed fruit being ripened post harvest, En-Ripe is a highly anticipated solution that is safe, affordable and convenient.




En-Ripe is an ethylene gas supplement that gives the best quality ripened fruits in the safest way possible.

Start your ripening in transit to save time, reduce costs and wastage. 

With no additional infrastructure required, take advantage of En-Ripe’s flexible ripening process.

We follow a simple 3-P rule:
Puncture, Place and Produce!

Simply puncture holes at the designated points, place the package in your fruit trays and produce ripe fruits with a great feel, taste and aroma.

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We’re empowering farmers and traders to do the right thing. 

With fruit demand on the rise in a market filled with toxic chemicals, En-Ripe is a perfect substitute, having been tested at – 

  • IICT (Indian Institute of Chemical Technology), Hyderabad
  • IIHR (Indian Institute of Horticultural Research), Bengaluru
  • Telangana State Food Lab, Hyderabad  
  • Other private laboratories. 

The FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has  recognized En-Ripe to be a safe and effective fruit ripener.

 Each method in the market today carries a disadvantage – ripening chambers are expensive, calcium carbide is toxic and so is ethephon (or) ‘Chinese Powder’.

En-Ripe on the other hand, is as easy as calcium carbide / ethephon, does not need heavy investment or infrastructure that ripening chambers do, and is affordable at less than Rs. 1 / KG.

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Use of En-Ripe

The transportation of ripe fruit is difficult. Commercially, growers harvest fruit before it’s ripe. Take them to the destination and use Enripe for maximum profits. For the fruit below, use Enripe to turn it juicy, sweet and delicious.